sábado, 17 de marzo de 2012

"My Big Fat Greek Wedding"

Everyday we are interacting with people from different cultures and subcultures, in fact my english teacher is from a different culture and we can communicate. The world is made by that, interactions and communications between people in order to make bussines, relationships, experiences, etc.  
Weddings between people from differents cultures are very common in our world, you dont have control of your feelings so, if you are colombian you can fall in love with a chinese person. When people from different cultures interact, it may exist some troubles. For example in the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" Toula and Ian were from different cultures, and they had some problems for getting married. Toula's father was really obsessed with the Greek culture, he always said to her daugther that she had to marry a greek man, so that was a big problem because Ian was american. Toula´s family also give a lot importance to work, in fact, all the family worked together and the bussines were related. The first day Toula's father saw Ian, he almost had a hearthattack because of his long hair and the fact that he was american. It´s clear that there were a lot of differences during their relationship, like the concept of beauty and the physical apperance of them and their families.
Thats why they had to meet in secret during their relationship, also, the concept of sexuality at first was different for both of them. They also had different religions and habits. At the end of the movie Ian become the "perfect Greek man" for her and they finaly get married.
In conclusion I think that no matter what the differences are, gestures, values, religious beliefs, habits like the relationship between Toula and Ian. What really matters is to understand the other culture and accept it, do not discriminate or apart it because is different. For example my parents are from different cultures and they have been together for many years, no matter the differences that exist.

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